Sample Questions


Here is a sample list of our questions. 

Our format consists of 9 quizzes followed by a score and detailed explanation

Which of the following drugs bind to AAG (α1-acid glycoprotein)?

  • A.  Alfenatnil
  • B.  Bupivicaine
  • C.  Fentanyl
  • D.  LidocaineE. 
  • All of the above

To provide pain relief in the PACU for a patient who is status post inginal hernia repair, local anesthetic should be deposited at which location?

  • A. A
  • B. B
  • C. C
  • D. D
  • E. E
  • E.  None of  the above

When choosing a nondepolarizing muscle relaxant in an elderly patient, all of the following factors must be accounted for EXCEPT?

  • A.  Decreased sensitivity of the drug at the acetylcholine receptor
  • B.  Decreases in hepatic blood flow
  • C.  Decreases in renal blood flow
  • D.  Altered volumes of distribution
  • E.  All of the above are factors that must be considered

A 57 year old male is about to undergo removal of a spinal tumor.  He states that he is concerned about losing his vision from the procedure.  Which of the following are risk factors for perioperative visual loss?

  • A.  Beach chair position
  • B.  Deliberate hypotension
  • C.  Use of Colloids
  • D.  Anemia
  • E.  All of the above

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